C Development for a Jib Crane

Project: January 2022 – March 2022 (3 months)


Due to the worldwide shortage of microprocessors in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and possible future discontinuations of the microprocessors in use, the customer is revising its product range. The existing control electronic for pillar- and wall-mounted slewing jibs is ported to a new microcontroller (for which second source types are also available) without reworking the application program itself. The drivers of the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) are newly developed and connected to the existing application program via wrappers.

My task in the project was the development of the drivers and wrappers for ADC, I2C, UART, as well as their commissioning on the (new) target hardware.


Project C Development for a Swivel Column Crane
Duration January 2022 – March 2022 (3 months)
Customer confidential due to nondisclosure agreement
Industry Sector Industrial Applications / Heavy Duty Cranes
Role / Responsibility Implementation, Code Review, SW Commissioning, Video Calls (100% remeote)
Software / Tools / Methods Eclipse CDT (for Embedded Systems), GCC Compiler for ARM (arm-none-eabi), Microchip MPLAB X IDE and Harmony 3, JIRA (Atlassian)
Hardware Environment dsPIC30F6015, dsPIC30F3013 (Microchip), PIC32CM1216MC00048/00032 (Microchip), ARM EDBG Debugger, SEGGER J-Link, Oscilloscope, Multimeter

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